Barbra J Portzline, PhD

Business Breakthrough Mentor

Are you ready to take the first step towards your dream life?

I know, you may have heard this before.  You may have paid coaches lots of money, hired consultants to develop your business plan, even saw a few healers along the way, and still…. years later… you are in the same place.

As a business breakthrough mentor, I use multiple approaches and modalities to help my clients reduce the impact of past programming; increase their vibrational energy, and build their dream life + business.


Raise Your Frequency

Energy attracts like energy. Some people refer to others as having “great energy”, having a “high frequency”or “vibrating” at a higher rate. It has been shown that when your rate of vibration is increased, your frequency increases, and therefore it becomes easier to manifest in the physical world what you really want.

Break Through Your Blocks

We often store memories, thoughts, behaviors, and feelings that have become locked in our subconscious,
and held onto by our bodies. Many feel frustration when they keep repeating patterns or believe that are “done” with something only to be reminded that they still have inner work to do.

How much longer are you willing to wait for that breakthrough?

I can tell you; some folks wait their entire life. They hustle and grind, work 40+ hour weeks; drop thousands on online classes, watch online gurus on instant replay, try writing affirmations; memorizing mantras, and still…they are in the same place, year after year.

It is time to stop the struggle and live your best life!

Many folks are familiar with the law of attraction. Well, there is also the law of vibration.  This law states that everything (atoms, objects, and living things) is in constant motion, vibrating at a specific frequency. The rate of speed of your vibration is often referred to as your “frequency.”

Another term for this is vibrational energy.  Energy is not something that you can directly see, however it is definitely something we sense and feel.  Just think of those people you have encountered that you just connect with instantly. You feel them and know they are good people. It might be their energy you are sensing. Same with places, there is a feel when you walk into a house, a room, an office. I once actually walked out of a doctor’s office because it just felt “off.”  I couldn’t understand at the time what it was, but it just didn’t work for me. 

The idea behind the law of vibration is that we can actually adjust our vibrational energy if we are in a low vibrational state.

I am going to go out on a limb and say something pretty powerful.

The more you are attuned to your energy the more successful you are!

I primarily mean in the business sense, but also personally. As we know you can’t really help one without the other.

 I know this from personal experience.  I have been working with individual business owners helping them to scale and grow their companies for over 25 years. It is way more than just having a plan and an accountability partner. It is about staying in flow; keeping your vibrational energy high and using your intuition as well as your skills to design your dream company.

 It is time to tap into your power + live your best life

 Let’s do it. You are not alone.


Work with Barbra

Business Strategy Sessions

Want to grow and/or scale your business. Need a business action plan; need marketing support, need social media help, need help getting your systems + processes in place? Barbra + her team at Organizational Rebel have 25+ years of experience in this area.


Breakthrough Sessions

Are you an overthinker? Are you stuck repeating the same patterns? Are you doing everything you are “supposed to,” but things are still not quite right?  Let Barbra help you tap into your genius and remove the blocks that are stopping you from living your dream life and building your dream business.


Hawai’i + New Mexico Business Breakthrough Experiences

Are you ready to immerse yourself in a breakthrough experience that will help you tap into your own energies + gifts? Join us on one our business breakthrough experiences use your inner wisdom to action your purpose; connect with like-minded folks.

Barbra Gets Results

"Barbra's Lemurian Light Activation was a profound experience.

I have taken part in a wide range of spiritual healings and practices over the years. This one went very deep. I was ready and open to whatever was going to happen. I am glad I stayed open minded, because some healing came through in an area that I did not expect. My personal experience was that I had been repressing parts of myself that needed to come forward. Since the activation, I have felt more whole and complete.

This makes me happier and more confident. This experience could not have happened without Barbra’s skillful channeling of the Lemurian energy, through her obvious connection with it. Thank you so much!”

-Claudia Moore

"I had a dope meditation session...

with my girl Barbraportzline which has helped me really reflect on:

  • how deep this healing work is
  • how deep self-love is and can be
  • how boundaries need to be reinforced
  • how gifted I am in the spiritual and physical
  • how everything I want and need is already within me
  • how I will fulfill a purpose that elevate me and others
  • how I need to make some major changes to manifest
  • how letting go creates space for receiving

These reminders have helped me to gain clarity where I had blocks and where I created limiting beliefs about my dreams and goals.”

B.S., New Mexico

"Barbra makes you feel as if you yourself can be a boss by being you"

“If you are ready to cut through the bs and get a step up in life, stop making excuses and really want to focus on your success as well as your business’s success. Barbra is just the person you need to work with to get to that level. Barbra makes sure that in every session she has with you, you are getting something of value and are continuing to grow, rather than just stay stagnant. She also makes you feel comfortable asking whatever question you feel like asking even though deep down you may think it is a dumb question. With open conversations and amazing resources and tools at your hands, Barbra makes you feel as if you yourself can be a boss by being you and putting in the work necessary to see growth and success. Barbra has helped me increase my confidence, workflow and has provided me tools in my toolbox I did not have before. She has given me a template for success and confidence. It is now up to me and YOU to decide what we will do with it. “

Ashley Martinez Development Director at Cudiando Los Niños

"I feel like I am vibrating at a higher level"

“I am so grateful for the Light Activation Session I had with Barbra. It helped me release old fears and beliefs I was holding on to. I could literally feel the tension leaving my shoulders and back. The guided meditation left me feeling so light, energetic, even tingly, yet grounded and connected in a way I have not felt in a long time. It reminded me that I myself am a lightworker, a healer, and have a lot of work to do in this world. I feel like I am vibrating at a higher level. She taught me how to do this for myself, and since then I have been feeling so much lighter and energetic.  Thank you so much Barbra!”

-Yvonne Casaus, Founder, Cottonwood Counseling

Take the first step towards your dream life!