Dr. Barbra J. Portzline

Business Breakthrough Mentor

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Dr. Barbra Portzline

Barbra has been described as somewhat of a unicorn. She has deep organizational development and business experience and  is a psychic medium who is clairvoyant,  claircognizant, clairsentient clairtangent, pre-cognitive and telekinetic. 

Although her gifts are adaptable, she primarily focuses on helping people break through personal and business blocks that prevent them from living their purpose.  Her clients often describe themselves as overthinkers, overworkers, and overachievers who are craving more time freedom; money; and joy in their lives.

Barbra immediately tunes into the psychic health of her clients and sees the world of possibilities, aspirations, and dreams. Then she helps them  gain clarity, trust in themselves, and move more into alignment. She intuitively knows interventions needed for each person and confidently leads them through change. There is no such thing as typical session with Barbra.  Your time may involve goal setting activities; strategic planning; crystal healing, energy work; channeling; talking; crying; laughing; and movement.

There is no way to fully prepare. It unfolds as it should.

“I made an appointment with Barbra because I had been feeling very STUCK in this current stage of my life. When I walked into my 1st session with Barbra, I felt like I had a dark cloud over my head and a lot of heavy energy on my heart. As I walked out of the session, I felt like that cloud had lifted and my heart wasn’t heavy anymore. After 2 sessions with Barbara I am starting to feel not stuck anymore really starting to feel like myself again! I highly recommend booking an appointment! Barbra is excellent at helping to steer people in the right direction!”

-Sonya Byrd


“Barbra is a gifted healer and spiritual business coach. After my light activation session with her, I gained more clarity, had an increased feeling of well-being, and left with tools to aid me on my path to be my greatest self. It was an amazing experience to raise my emotional and spiritual vibration. An added bonus… Barbra teaches you how to work with your own energy to create positive changes in your life.”

– Tayloria Grant

“After experiencing a hectic year, Barbra Portzline shared her gift of the Lemurian Light Activation with me. The activation was such a beautiful experience. I felt the release of childhood trauma lift off me with gentleness and love. Barbra was so tuned into me, that I felt her loving support as she too recognized the many times I had been silenced. Now, 3 days later, I am preparing for 2023 with joy. My dreams are filled with the shedding of old thought patterns. I am now putting all that hinders me into containment so I can move forward to do my own work in helping others raise in consciousness. My mind is clear, and I feel strength and power in my words. It is with humbleness that I thank Barbra and look forward to working with her and her wisdom in crystal healing in the years to come.”

–    Michelle Vidal

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