Are you an overthinker? Are you stuck repeating the same patterns? Are you doing everything you are “supposed to,” but things are still not quite right?

Let Barbra help you tap into your genius and remove the blocks that are stopping you from living your dream life and/or building your dream business.


We often store memories, thoughts, behaviors, and feelings that have become locked in our subconscious, and held onto by our bodies. These impact your energy and your frequency. By using a combinaton of crystals, meditation, and channeling these sessions help you to increase the rate of your vibration; cut ties to old patterns, and show you what might be hidden that you need to release.


Are you interested in getting a temperature check on your overall psychic well being?

Are you struggling with something specific and need some guidance?

Do you want to see what messages are present for you?

Are you wondering what will help you better align your daily practice to  your purpose?

If so, it is time to schedule a psychic reading to help provide clarity on the situation at hand.

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