If you are looking to start, scale, buy or grow a business look no further.  We will develop a Business Action Plan together, and then my team and I will support you in its implementation. During this intensive we work together in person or virutally, by video, and by email. You have the full support of our team at Organizational Rebel as we help you build the foundation for your company’s next iteration.


Are you ready to close out the year strong? Or are you moving forward without a plan? Or, are you needing to chat about some of your ideas and want a brainstorming partner?

This is for a virtual Business Action Plan  Session. You will receive a fillable PDF of the plan following the session that you can update as needed.


Are you looking for support with pricing, programs, packages, marketing, or social media? Do you want help with developing a signature presentation? Are you looking for ways to enagage your staff?

Or do you want to run some ideas by a trusted advisor?

If you need targeted and specific help reach out and schedule a business strategy session.


Are you an overthinker? Are you stuck repeating the same patterns? Are you doing everything you are “supposed to,” but things are still not quite right?

Let Barbra help you tap into your genius and remove the blocks that are stopping you from living your dream life and/or building your dream business.


We often store memories, thoughts, behaviors, and feelings that have become locked in our subconscious, and held onto by our bodies. These impact your energy and your frequency. By using a combinaton of crystals, meditation, and channeling these sessions help you to increase the rate of your vibration; cut ties to old patterns, and show you what might be hidden that you need to release.


Are you interested in getting a temperature check on your overall psychic well being?

Are you struggling with something specific and need some guidance?

Do you want to see what messages are present for you?

Are you wondering what will help you better align your daily practice to  your purpose?

If so, it is time to schedule a psychic reading to help provide clarity on the situation at hand.



From a shamanic perspective, traumas can cause soul fragmentation. In psychology terms, it can be explained as “dissociation”, as a way to survive traumatic events.

People suffering from soul loss often feel stuck in their lives and empty inside.

Symptoms may include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Restlessness
  • Addictions
  • Negative thoughts
  • Low energy
  • Feeling unfulfilled with life
  • Feeling disconnected from the world
  • Difficulty remaining present

During the soul retrieval process I enter a trance state to retrieve the lost parts of the soul from the lower spirit world. I then transfer them to you so you can fully re-integrate the lost parts of your soul.

A soul retrieval helps with

  • Creating a sense of connection with the world
  • Convergence of body, mind, and soul on a single point.
  • Reduction in stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Reduction in negative emotions, blockages, and traumas


Are you experiencing blocks in several areas of your life? Are you ready to heal spiritual wounds that keep you stuck? Are you ready to cut cords that no longer serve you?

Real talk – we are almost constantly being bombarded with other people’s energies – their hopes, dreams and expectations.

Imagine that you have been absorbing that stuff your whole life, and have never had the opportunity to release, discharge, or transfer that energy out of your body.

It can get stuck – it can show up as anxiety, depression, insomnia, general lack of caring or listlessness, feeling burnt out for no reason and feelings of overwhelm.

During Hilina’i I enter a trance state to find the blockages, pull them out, and repair the cords. I work with your mana (soul energy) to release anything that no longer serves you and replenish your energy.


If you believe you have been cursed let’s chat and if I can remove it through Hilina’i we will set a second appointment (no extra charge) to do psychic surgery. If it needs to be removed another way I will refer you to another specialist at Otso Salon and your payment will go toward that service. Bascially, sign up and we will figure out the best path forward for you!

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