April 9, 2024

9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Are you ready to embark on a fascinating journey into the world of crystal readings, learning my exclusive and proven method?

If you’ve been itching to share the profound wisdom and transformative power of crystals with others, then this class is your golden opportunity!

Throughout our time together, I’ll guide you through the intricate nuances of crystal interpretation, teaching you not just how to read crystals, but how to do so with confidence, clarity, and precision.

Whether you’re a seasoned crystal enthusiast or a curious newcomer, you’ll leave this class equipped with the knowledge, skills, and assurance to become a beacon of wisdom and guidance for others on their own crystal journey.

Get ready to inspire, empower, and uplift – the world is waiting for your unique brand of crystal magic!


2 x Month

Mondays, Virtual, 5:00 pm MT

Begins March 11

This is for you if:

  • you spend a lot of time thinking about the same things
  • you feel stuck in some way
  • you want more out of life and you are not sure how to get there
  • you have ignored the messages dropping in
  • you are ready to move through your fears

As a participant you will:

  • learn strategies to release overthinking
  • reprogram your belief system
  • gain clarity on your dream life
  • better trust your own decisions
  • learn to incorporate rituals to improve your life
  • receive support and guidance in moving your dreams forward



$250 plus tax per month

Email [email protected] to register


April 16 + 17 2024

9:00 – 12:00

Albuquerque, NM

Are you a chronic overthinker?

Do you find yourself ignoring the messages that are dropping in?

Do you know that you are intuitive but not sure how to embrace those gifts?

Do you spend more time overthinking and less time decision making?

If so, this  event is perfect for you.  We are going to get out of our heads, and engage in several activities to amplify our intuition and build trust and clarity in our decisions. 

This interactive workshop is something I wish I had taken 20 years ago; Don’t wait until it is too late.

Start designing your dream life now!



June 18, 2024 – June 23, 2024

Are you ready to clear the noise, tune in to your inner wisdom, grow your business, and make a true impact in your community?

 Learn how to break through your business (+/or personal) blocks, strengthen your gifts to help others and make the impact you desire.

 Taos is a peaceful community steeped in Native American traditions, art, and culture. It’s clean air, powerful energy, and enchanting light makes Taos a favorite for spiritual seekers looking to enrich their lives while breathing in the natural beauty of the landscape, eating distinctive cuisine, and visiting incredible sites. 

 The Hyperslow Retreat Center is a perfect home-base for our Business Breakthrough Experience. On the edge of the Kit Carson Forest, and in the newly renovated Historic San Geronimo Lodge, you will have the opportunity to swim in the Chile Pepper shaped pool, walk the labyrinth, relax in the sauna, sit by the fire pit, explore the tranquil grounds, and enjoy homemade meals prepared with love.  

 All of this while tapping into YOUR inner wisdom + receiving customized business + personal support from our team. 

 Stay on the edge of the Kit Carson National Forest in a town rich with Native American culture and beauty: 

Reduced pricing + no fee payment plans won’t last. Reach out to [email protected] to hold your spot!

 $2197 – $4397 plus tax

payment plans available

“The Hawaii Business Breakthrough Experience not only provided an amazing few days to goal set and allow to develop myself professionally and personally it also happened to be at a wonderful location with great people.  Barbara and Liz do a wonderful job of building an agenda that it targets vision, strategy and goal setting on a 1:1 level or through group discussions. They also allow for thoughtful and fun activities as well as give participants free time to step away from the retreat and explore what they prefer. Participants are encouraged to assess and apply the exercises and activities to what works for them and really own their journey. If you find yourself overwhelmed, out of inspiration or looking to sharpen your game plan I highly recommend the Breakthrough Experience. Not only will you invest in yourself, you will do so in an excellent environment with wonderful people.” 

-Gizza Triana

“My experience at the Business breakthrough retreat this past October was truly the highlight of my year. Being a newbie as a retreat go-er, I tried to have little expectations going in…so I was pretty blown away by the authenticity of the Breakthrough experience. Barbara and Liz have a true gift for creating a space for this kind of work to transpire. The whole week flowed perfectly, and there was plenty of opportunity for a self directed experience. There was literally nothing lacking, and with all of our physical needs more than met, it was really simple to dive into what brought us there in the first place. Hawaii is an incredible and unique place, and I feel truly blessed to have been invited to have such a powerful experience there. Organizational Rebel rocks!! Thank you Barb and Liz!”

-Josh Popky

“I highly recommend the Hawai’i Breakthrough Retreat facilitated by Barbra and Liz. They are both highly skilled facilitators. They created an environment with the perfect amount of exercises, and free time for assimilation and enjoyment. The retreat facility was peaceful and had a very healing energy. The conditions were perfectly set up to allow me to rest and heal the parts of me that needed to be healed, and also to allow deeper parts of myself to surface. I left the week feeling not only renewed and refreshed, but also much clearer on how I need to move forward in my life and livelihood. It was also a beautiful, ethical way to experience Hawai’i. I am so glad I decided to go on this retreat!”

-Claudia Moore

“I recently attended a workshop called ‘Stop Overthinking + Use Your Wisdom to Design Your Dream Life – Intensive’ led by Barbra Portzline.

 In addition to learning tips and insights from Barbra and her co-facilitator, I had the opportunity to learn from the participants as well.  Barbra creates an inviting and safe space for all.

I had some key takeaways and revelations from this workshop over the two days.  I was pleasantly surprised by some of the insights I had about myself.  Barbra is good at asking specific questions that lead to deep thinking and journaling. 

Barbra is a talented facilitator and knows how to read a group.  She makes sure everyone feels included.  She caters to individual needs, even asking some questions ahead of time to make sure she is providing what is needed.

I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is looking for introspection, connection, and great energy.”


-Sue Buffington

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